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5 Year Olds

This class is offered 5 days per week (M-F). Half-day class hours are 8:30-11:30 am. Full-day class hours are 8:30am-3:30 pm. Students must be 5-years-old by December 1st.

Foreign-language immersion is a well-researched educational program in which the school curriculum is taught through the medium of a foreign language, resulting in high levels of foreign language proficiency as well as attainment of academic standards. Children in language-immersion programs reach higher levels of language proficiency than do those in other types of world language programs, while also demonstrating increased English vocabulary and overall enhanced cognitive development.

In this class, students are continually immersed in a nurturing, encouraging, caring, and total Chinese atmosphere, which accelerates learning in all core subjects, as well as Chinese language skills.

Chinese is one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world. Chinese characters have little to do with phonics, and this poses a formidable challenge to Chinese literacy. The goal of this class is to enhance students' Chinese Mandarin skills and prepare them for further language study through effective learning materials and teaching methods. Students will continue to progress in listening, speaking, and writing skills while focusing on learning the most frequently used characters to quickly gain reading ability. Once the basic vocabulary is built, reading is much easier and enjoyable. Seasonal themes, songs, and stories all reinforce the student's progress toward formal language learning.

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