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High School Credit Chinese

OHCS offers prep class and Beaverton School District can test students who are proficient and award them with credits

How can students benefit from it:

  • Students can earn up to 3-4 credits in Applied Arts. (Applied Arts is a category on the diploma where students need one credit to graduate. The category also includes fine arts, business, and world languages). Credits count for college entry for a second language and allow students to pursue other interests while in high school (due to the fact that they do not have to take a second language sequence).
  • Students can prepare for the SAT II Chinese and AP Chinese program (will be available at OHCS soon).

  • How to earn the credit:

  • Students who wish to participate in this program need to be enrolled in an OHCS Chinese class.
  • Eighth-grade & higher students are required to take "High School Credit Chinese" class in addition of their regular Chinese class.
  • At end of the school year, a Chinese proficiency test will be given to the class. The school district will reward credit to each student based upon their performance on the test.

  • High School Credit Chinese class:

    Based on the outline of the Chinese proficiency test, the class is designed to prepare students' Chinese reading, speaking, and writing skills for the test, which the school district will give. Non-Chinese-speaking students who are below eighth-grade should take this class along with their regular Chinese class as an enrichment, but they cannot take the test due to the lack of a transcript. Eighth-grade & higher students are required to take the class and the test in order to receive credits.

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